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  Pulse: The New Science - Signed by the Author
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The Internet contains the largest repository of human knowledge, interests, and activities ever constructed. Yet this powerful tool is still vastly underutilized. Written by Douglas Hubbard—bestselling author of How to Measure Anything—Pulse shows you how to harness the explosive potential of the Internet and mobile devices to measure data and trends economically and in real time—vital information that traditionally costs millions of dollars and lags weeks and months behind the events being measured.
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Pulse illustrates how the Internet can be an incredible tool for businesses and others to measure trends in real time. This book also puts this emerging science in perspective and explains how this new measurement instrument will profoundly change decision making in business and government.

Pulse reveals how the Internet is evolving into a tool for measuring and forecasting trends in society, the economy, public opinion and even public health and security. It is an absolutely essential book for every business leader to turn a powerful, underutilized tool to its complete potential.